Club de Jazz 6/07/2020
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Interview with Orrin Evans (June 2020) ||
He joined The Bad Plus in 2018 but pianist Orrin Evans has been leading his own music and projects since early nineties. An in depth conversation with Evans on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the jazz community and on racism in the US.
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Interview with JD Allen (June 2020) ||
Saxophonist JD Allen discovered what it means racism when he left Detroit. Based on the memories of the slave trade's last survivor, he released "Barracoon". Allen shares with us his experience with racism and how the pandemic has hit the jazz community.
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Interview with Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri (May 2020) ||
Pianist and violist
Bartók was not only a great composer but also a pioneer in his role as ethnomusicologist. He traveled Transylvania from 1909 to 1917 to record and transcribe melodies. A century later, Lucian Ban, Mat Maneri and John Surman draw inspiration from those.
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Interview with Anna Webber & Angela Morris (May 2020) ||
Saxophonist, composers and conductors
Both are Canadians, saxophonists, composers and lead together a big band of New Yorkers with whom they recorded "Both are true", released by Greenleaf Records. A conversation on music and musicians in times of the new coronavirus.
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Interview with Tim Berne (April 2020) ||
A special edition of 'Club de Jazz' where we conduct an interview with Tim Berne. The saxophonist releases 'The fantastic Mrs.10', Snakeoil's sixth record. A conversation on music but also on musicians in times of a global pandemic.
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