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Interview with Peter Evans (November 2020) ||
These things can just only happen with trumpeter Peter Evans. In a matter of weeks, he has released two albums that cannot be more different from each other. A conversation on "Horizons" and "Standards".
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Interview with Fred Hersch (October 2020) ||
Tags: Fred Hersch
Pianist Fred Hersch turns 65 this October and releases a new solo album recorded at home due to the pandemic. A conversation on how this crisis could affect his career, the things that make him happy and much more.
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Interview with Bill Frisell (October 2020) ||
When the world looks ugly, we turn to Bill Frisell's music. Along with Thomas Morgan and Rudy Royston, the guitarist has just released "Valentine". A conversation on music in times of a global pandemic and a month away from the US elections.
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Interview with Maria Schneider || August 2020
Composer and director
Being a tireless fighter for the protection of the intellectual property as Maria Schneider is, it is not a surprise that her new recording is a reflection on the dark side of the big tech companies and how they impact in our lives.
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Interview with Ambrose Akinmusire (July 2020) ||
Ambrose Akinmusire presents "On the tender spot of every calloused moment", a "sequel" to his 2011 "When the heart emerges glistening" record. An in depth conversation on music, racism and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the jazz community.
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