Club de Jazz 14/12/2019
Miguel Zenón, Sonero Mayor

Entrevistas / Interviews

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Interview with Amirtha Kidambi (May 2019) ||
Vocalist and composer
Leader of Elder Ones, Amirtha Kidambi's voice and music sound as a reflection of her classical training, Indian origins, punk passion and experimental tendencies.
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Interview with Anna Webber (March 2019) ||
Flutist and saxophonist
She is considered "one of the most exciting arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene". Canadian flutist and saxophonist Anna Webber releases "Clockwise" after her analysis of the percussion works by some ot the greatest 20th Century composers.
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Interview with Allison Miller (February 2019) ||
Drummer Allison Miller celebrates Boom Tic Boom's 10th anniversary with a new album, "Glitter Wolf". Alongside Myra Melford and Todd Sickafoose, she started in 2008 this musical adventure that grew into a sextet.
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Interview with Mary Halvorson & Joe Morris || January 2019
Joe Morris is one of the most innovative guitar players. Mary Halvorson, who studied with Morris and Anthony Braxton, among others, is one of the most creative guitar players of the New York scene. "Traversing orbits" is their first duo recording.
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Interview with Mary Halvorson || May 2018
Ten years after the release of her first recording, guitarist Mary Halvorson has become one of the most exciting and personal composers and improvisers of the NYC scene. Code Girl is her first group with a singer, for whom she has written all the lyrics.
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