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Interview with Tom Arthurs || March 2018
Beauty and (a certain) stillness is at the core of 'One Year', the new album by trumpeter Tom Arthurs along with Richard Fairhurst and Marku Ounaskari. Tom currently leads the Jazz department at Bern University of Arts, Switzerland.
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Interview with Ibrahim Maalouf || March 2018
Trumpeter and composer
Born in Beirut in 1980 in the midst of a Civil War, trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf fled the country with his family for France. He plays the quarter-tone trumpet invented by his father, Nassim Maalouf. Last March 1st, he premiered his "Levantine Symphony Nº1"
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Interview with Arcoiris Sandoval || February 2018
Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Arcoiris Sandoval is currently living in New York. This conversation was recorded at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club, in Washington DC, where she played with her Sonic Asylum Quintet as part of the 'Discovery Artist' series.
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Interview with Joe Fiedler || November 2017
He desperately wanted to become a trumpet player but ended up being a trombone virtuoso. Joe Fiedler has worked extensively as a sideman but he has also led several projects of his own. Fiedler is the musical director of 'Sesame Street'.
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Interview with Andrew Cyrille and Ben Monder
Drummer and guitarist
According to Ben Monder, guitar and drums complement each other. According to jazz history, Andrew Cyrille is one the most creative drummers. Ben and Andrew played together recently in Portugal, the day Cyrille was celebrating his 78th birthday.
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